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spambooru's Journal

: Spam, Animanga Style:
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+usage of lj-cut text is a must
+don't be an asshat :respect your fellow posters or else be shot by hot loli lesbian nazi's with guns:
+understand that when you click a link, you are taking full responsibility for whether you'll be offended or not. No one asked you to click the link.
+posters, questionable content under cut. PLZ TO BE GIVING WARNING.
+spam spam spam! :the answer is spam:

We all like pictures of the pretty. Now is your chance to spam your heart out. Post all those pictures you've been collecting in random folders. If it exists, then chances are we want to SEE IT. (it's like cleaning out someone's closet.. but way more fun!).

Your evil overlordsmods are jyuufish and shuufish